Aussois Ete Refuge Monatgne 04 A PernetAussois Ete Refuge Monatgne 04 A Pernet
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An unforgettable family holiday is within your reach, in Bessans! Each at their own pace, each to their own preference, be it walking, swimming, cycling, rollerblading, biathlon, exploring the wilderness and discovering hamlets full of character.


happy moments

with the family

Nature beckons!

For your convenience, the day nursery is at your disposal to take care of small children.

Bessans proposes activities for all ages, the guarantee of fun and laughter for the whole family.

Make the most of the Ludi’lacs recreation area, the ideal spot for a great day out with the children.

Let them try mountain biking and hiking and discover the mountain way of life. Spend a night at the Avérole refuge, in marmot country at the foot of the snow-covered peaks!