In Savoie, from the Col de la Madeleine to the rock of the Château, the Bessans plain extends with the adjacent valleys of Ribon and Avérole and numerous peaks and glaciers over 3,000 m above sea level. The hamlets of Villaron, Vincendières, Goulaz and Avérole around Bessans are worth a visit: stone chalets with slate roofs and narrow streets. A typical and rustic habitat that bears witness to difficult living conditions.

Take advantage of the altitude -1750m– and pleasant temperatures to vary the pleasures and activities for the whole family: fishing and swimming lakes, Espace Ludi’lacs, laser shooting and rollerblading on the biathlon stadium, Nordic walking, hiking and glacier trekking, botanical path, via ferrata and climbing, mountain biking on the brand new developed area of Chantelouve.

The nordic soul



A land of legends, beautiful peaks

Under the benevolent attention of the Charbonnel glacier, in a remarkable mountain setting, its vast northern plateau and numerous hamlets with traditional architecture are an invitation to a constantly renewed journey…

Famous for its legends around its carved wooden devil, Bessans is above all an international biathlon centre. In summer, the stadium allows you to rollerblade, ski-wheel and practice shooting.

A place of passage once frequented by peddlers who passed from France to Italy, a multitude of paths offer walks each more beautiful than the next!

The hamlets surrounding Bessans are steeped in history, legends and religion. Places of life in the high mountains, they are essential and deserve your visit.

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