At the foot of glaciers

In the heart of the Alps, the Vanoise mountains boast the second largest area of perennial ice in France, after the Mont-Blanc mountain range

Haute Maurienne Vanoise

the glaciers

Eternal snow

The Vanoise glaciers represent the largest ice cap in Europe with 93 km². The tour will take you a few days and will leave stars in your eyes for a long time! lakes and waterfalls, grey rock and white snow, the contrasts are striking in Haute Maurienne Vanoise!

From the marmot lounging in the sun to the trail runner of the TGV (Tour des Glaciers de la Vanoise), you will realize that the mountain is alive despite the serenity it gives off…

Walking on a glacier and discovering the amazing universe of the high mountain is not only for initiates! Get closer to the offices of the valley guides to try a unique experience, such as the Glacier des Sources de l’Arc, where the valley begins.

The glaciers of Haute Maurienne Vanoise are an integral part of the landscape in both winter and summer. Whether you’re feeling contemplative or energetic, you’ll find our glaciers fascinating!



at the foot of glaciers