The good HMV plan

for your vacation

6 stations for a multitude of activities

Come and take advantage of the “HMV Liberté” and “HMV Altitude activities to discover and practice the maximum number of activities at a reduced price during your stay in Haute Maurienne Vanoise.

You can get these Passes from partner hosts or at the 10 tourist offices in the area (Valfréjus, La Norma, Aussois, Val Cenis Bramans, Val Cenis Sollières, Val Cenis Termignon, Val Cenis Lanslebourg, Val Cenis Lanslevillard, Bessans and Bonneval on Arc).

With the pass,
only advantages!

No need to choose, these two activities can be combined, so do not hesitate and just come and enjoy!

Did you not consume all of your 2020 “electronic wallet” at the end of your stay?

You can request the refund of your balance before 30.09.2020, always through your customer area.

Pass activities


& fast !


Buy your bracelet


Choose your Pass


your account


Choose and reserve your activity

In one of the 10 Tourist Offices or directly from major hosting partners, I buy my bracelet at the price of € 3 / unit.

And during your stay, thanks to your customer area, you will be able to recharge your HMV Liberté pass in order to continue discovering our activities at reduced prices.

Altitude, Liberté… or Altitude + Liberté !

“HMV Liberté” activity pass
Load the amount of your choice.
This will allow you to practice the partner activities of your choice at reduced prices.

Activity pass “HMV Altitude”
Charge the option at 27 € / pers. to take advantage of the unlimited ski lifts for 7 consecutive days at the Valfréjus, La Norma, Aussois and Val Cenis stations. It is possible to charge it during your stay.

Activity pass “HMV Altitude + HMV Liberté”
No need to choose, the 2 activities pass can be combined!

Once my pass in hand, I go to the site:

to create my customer account (Connection Area) and associate the numbers of the bracelets that have been given to you.

It is possible to create a single account for an entire family and attach an unlimited number of bracelets to this account so that everyone can withdraw the amount from the same account.

I surf the App, consult the partner activities and make my choice according to my desires.

I only have to contact the activity provider (s) and book my service (s) directly with him / them.


Altitude or Liberté

Enjoy a large choice of activities

HMV Activities Pass – Altitude


Gain altitude in Haute Maurienne Vanoise: enjoy unlimited access to the ski lifts for 7 days!

With the Haute Maurienne Vanoise Altitude Pass, you have unlimited access to the Valfréjus, La Norma, Aussois and Val Cenis ski lifts.

This pass also allows you to charge the amount of your choice giving you access to activities at reduced prices during your stay.

This pass also gives you the right to a book of 10 non-nominal bus tickets.

HMV Activities Pass – Freedom


This summer, take advantage of an exclusive offer of à la carte activities at reduced prices!

With the HMV Liberty Pass, you benefit from reductions on sporting, fun and cultural activities, offered in each of the 6 resorts of Haute Maurienne Vanoise.

Up to -50% on public prices, depending on the activities.

After withdrawing your pass from the Tourist Office of your resort, you can recharge it at will, with the amount you want!


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