Aussois Ete Plan Amont Aval 02 A PernetAussois Ete Plan Amont Aval 02 A Pernet
©Aussois Ete Plan Amont Aval 02 A Pernet|Alban Pernet

Not to be missed!

To discover with the children

In Aussois, there are hundreds of key attractions! To each his best memory, his favorite place!

Some will say you absolutely must see the lake of the Plan d’Amont dam with its turquoise waters and mirror image of the Dent Parrachée. Others prefer the Monolithe, a needle of rock stretching to a height of 93 metres and hidden in a forest that makes you feel very small. Still others will tell you about their wonderful walks in the heart of the Vanoise National Park

But they all agree that you must not leave without visiting the Esseillon forts, an outstanding site that will stimulate your children’s curiosity as they learn its history while having fun!

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