July 26-31, 2020

Cultural week Aussois

“Meeting between people from here and people from elsewhere …
Meeting between man and nature “

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Cultural week Aussois

49 years ago during the first Cultural Week, this slogan was innovative and the approach revealing a state of mind of the young people of Aussoys.

In a village which turned resolutely to tourism, it was important to introduce the many summer holidaymakers to the different facets of the region in which they came, but it was just as important to share with them what the locals of this village were: their way of life, their traditions, their hopes for the future…
It is this idea which continues a few decades later to still inspire the cultural week during meetings, hikes, visits, shows, conferences, concerts …
These exchanges between residents and vacationers around nature, local life, heritage are part of the personality of this village where authenticity and conviviality are experienced on a daily basis.

See you for the

49th Edition

of Aussois Cultural Week

Exhibition of animal photos of Emile Joyeux, a talented and passionate young Aussoyen

All week from 4.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. on the 1st floor of the nursery school (entrance rue de l’Artisanat)

For a taste, take a look on his Instagram!


Sunday July 26

8:30 pm: Launch of Cultural Week and screening of the film “Standing on the mountain” by Sébastien Betbeder, French screenwriter and actor.
Stan, Hugo and Bérénice grew up in the mountains. They were inseparable. 15 years later, become adults somewhat damaged by life, they find themselves in the village of their childhood. Will this reunion allow us to reconnect with the fantasy, the carefree and the joy of their first years?

Salle des Fêtes – General public – Free – Duration: 1h50

Monday July 27

9:00 am: Family outing (children from 8 years old) Treasure hunt around the Fond d’Aussois wetland
With a mountain guide and in partnership with the Vanoise National Park. A fun family hike to discover the fragility of wetlands in a landscape in the heart of the Park and share some good moments of conviviality.
Elevation: + 300 m / – 300 m. Walking time: 5 h – Car to the dams. Car pooling possible – Limited to 30 participants – All public – Free – Plan picnic.
Meet at the Maison d’Aussois for departure.

5:00 pm: L’Echappée Baroque, live performance – Street theatrical duet, danced, quirky and poetic
The Baroque is multifaceted, its definition means that it is rebellious to the definition (J. Rousset).
Mademoiselle F * and Monsieur K propose a theatrical and danced duet where laughter and poetry draw the shaky world of the Baroque. A stunning walk which finds its balance in joy and chaos. A duo full of sweet madness, surprises and unusual encounters. A local theater for a sensitive and emotional experience.
On the village square – General public – Free – Duration: about 1 hour

6.30 pm: Bach Goldberg variations by the Eric Crambes String Trio – Musical festivals of Savoy
It is the undisputed masterpiece of Jean-Sébastien Bach. In a pure polyphonic writing, these variations, originally for the harpsichord, lend themselves perfectly to a trio interpretation which exalts the individuality of the original melodic lines. The performers are residents of the Festival des Arcs in Savoie and all three of them have an impressive international artistic journey, in particular as regards the leader of the group Eric Crambes.
At the Church – General public – Free

Tuesday July 28

9.30 am.-12 pm. Visit to the micro-plants of Fourneaux, Matussière and the power plant downstream from Modane
A small hydroelectric or micro hydroelectric plant is a power plant that uses hydraulic power to produce electricity on a small scale. This electricity can be used to power isolated sites (one or two dwellings, a craftsman’s workshop, a barn, etc.) or sold to a public distribution network. Some power plants can be built with energy storage capacities.
Meet at the Maison d’Aussois – General public – Free – By car to Modane-Fourneaux – Car sharing possible.

2:30 pm. – 4:30 pm .: Photo shoot for photography lovers with Emile Joyeux
Emile invites you to discover, during a small outdoor course, the lookout and camouflage techniques in order to obtain the best shots and improve your artistic demand while observing nature and the animal species that make it people.
Meet in front of the exhibition hall of the Nursery School – All public – Free

8.45 pm: Conference on the construction of EDF dams in Aussois with Alain Marnézy, honorary professor at the University of SavoieBetween 1946 and 1956, the village of Aussois lived to the rhythm of the great post-war mountain projects. By taking over a project from the hydroelectric company of Savoie, a subsidiary of Péchiney, the brand new national company, EDF, is launching construction work on two hydroelectric dams in the mountain pastures above the village of Aussois.
First Plan d’Aval, whose mission is also to supply energy to the recent ONERA wind tunnel in Avrieux, then Plan d’Amont in the upper basin. For 10 years, the life of the village is animated by these major works: construction of access roads, back and forth of site vehicles, installation of many seasonal workers … The economic and social benefits of these large facilities were prove to be decisive for the future of the municipality.
The conference is based on EDF archive films.

Center Paul Langevin (CNRS auditorium) – Free

Wednesday July 29

1:30 pm – 6 pm: Behind the scenes at Aussois station – Visit of the two snow unsines in the presence of a technician from the station
The ski area opens its doors to you with a field trip to get an overview of the snowmaking facilities and the hill reservoir. What is the secret of the production of artificial snow and the process of transforming the drop of water into the snow crystal?

Meet at the Maison d’Aussois. All public – Free

8:30 pm: Conference on snow and avalanches with Greg Coubat, mountain guide
Greg Coubat will present solutions to manage the avalanche risk and make the right choice of routes at home and in the field. Based on detailed examples, what are the simple tools and methods suitable for helping practitioners to rationalize their decision-making.
Salle des Fêtes – All Public – Free

Thursday July 30

1:30 pm – 5:00 pm: Heritage workshop of the forts of Esseillon
Discover the secrets of renovating the heritage of forts, share the construction methods in an exceptional setting.
Child from 10 years accompanied by an adult. Outing limited to 30 participants. Provide adequate clothing.
Meet at 1:15 p.m. at the Maison d’Aussois. All public – Free – By car to the forts. Car pooling possible.

1:30 pm – 5:00 pm: Guided tour of the Esseillon barrier by a mountain guide

Meet at 1:15 p.m. at the Maison d’Aussois. All public – Free – By car to the forts. Car pooling possible.

8:30 pm: Conference “Towards a mountain without glaciers? The accelerated melting of glaciers in the world” with Bernard Francou, climatologist IPCC
Mountain glaciers are melting and this melting tends to accelerate since the beginning of the 2000s. This phenomenon is the consequence of global anthropogenic warming, as demonstrated by the various reports of the intergovernmental group of experts on climate change . Several questions arise on this subject. Is the retreat of mountain glaciers generalized on a global scale? Are some glaciers more threatened than others? Is this decline directly linked to the rise in atmospheric temperature, or is the origin of the phenomenon more complex?
Are the glaciers of the Alps threatened with disappearance on the horizon of this end of the century, and for what scenarios of greenhouse gas emission? Finally, what is the contribution of this melting to the rise in sea level compared to the other factors which also come into play, melting of the polar caps and thermal expansion of the oceans.

Festival hall – Free – Exchanges and discussions with Bernard Francou.

Friday July 31

6:30 am: Day hike “Objective 3,000” – Mont Thabor – Altitude 3,178 meters
A very beautiful summit with an exceptional panorama on the Northern and Southern Alps. Level good walker, no technical difficulty.
Elevation gain + 1200 m / – 1200 m. Walking time: 7h
Meet at 6:15 am at the Maison d’Aussois. Plan a picnic – Carpool possible to the Lavoir via Valfréjus- Free

8:30 pm: Closing evening of the 49th Cultural Week. “NOVECENTO”, after Alessandro Baricco with Antoine Laville and François Colomb. Directed by Guillaume Hochequai
After a concert, a jazz trumpeter tells his memories to the pianist at the bar. He takes us on a journey on a liner of the thirties. He recounts his meeting with NOVECENTO, a pianist who was born on this boat and who never got off. A story full of emotions, humor and twists, illustrated by the themes of jazz standards, Eric Satie and Debussy.

Festival hall – Free


For day hikes: bring a good pair of walking shoes, backpack, drink, picnic, sun protection, protection against the cold and rain, etc. The hikes are supervised by a state-certified mountain guide. Specific conditions for the “Objective 3000” trip.

Due to the Covid19 health crisis, conferences, outings and hikes require registration at least the previous day before 5:00 p.m. at the Maison d’Aussois. Provide a mask.

Contact : Tourist Office – +33 479 203 080

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