Haute Maurienne Vanoise

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Welcome to your authentic family village

In Haute Maurienne Vanoise, at the gateway to the Vanoise National Park, Aussois reveals a protected natural environment in the heart of a mountain village where authenticity can be felt at every corner. This is where your children will make their best holiday memories, this is where you can recharge your batteries, breathe, explore, pass on..

→ Aussois, the village resort for families

Hiking and mountain biking from the lifts

The ski lifts are an excellent way to discover and enjoy the full potential of the mountains. Whether on foot or by mountain bike, they allow you to easily gain altitude and access the main sites from which many activities await you.

→ Download the Haute Maurienne Vanoise ski lift guide

Looking for coolness?

In the water, on the water, in sporty or playful mode, Haute Maurienne Vanoise is full of spots and activities to have fun without suffering from the strong heat.
Take to the heights with the ski lifts open all summer long, breathe in the fresh air while contemplating the summits, discover the waterfalls and high altitude lakes… It is quite simply to appreciate the mountains in summer as they are: a haven of peace, rejuvenation and coolness! Even when the temperatures are suffocating in town, in Haute Maurienne Vanoise, between 1000 and 3000 m altitude, they remain mild.

→ Your fresh moments in Haute Maurienne Vanoise

Your family holidays

Labelled “Famille plus” since 2006, Aussois has become THE resort for families and a reference for successful holidays in the mountains. Your children will love it, that’s for sure! They will be able to play Sardinian soldiers in the Esseillon forts, search for the Secrets of Victory in the village streets, learn to climb on the Croé rocks or the via ferrata in “Les Angelots”, go for a walk with sled dogs and donkeys and even fish in the streams and dam lakes of Plan d’Amont and Plan d’Aval.

→ Your family activities

Your outdoor activities

In the forest and elsewhere, set off with confidence along the marked trails for hikes to the refuges and lakes of the Vanoise National Park, take part in the outings programmed by the mountain guides and wardens, and discover with them the exceptional wealth of mountain flora and fauna.
Here, you can do everything! Walking, climbing, running, flying, fishing, cycling… Escape and emotion, adventure in the open air!

→ The choice of your activities

Mountain biking for all

In Aussois, the birthplace of the “Transmaurienne Vanoise” mountain bike race, you can choose to pedal on more than 200 km of marked and maintained mountain bike trails, from the green trail to the black Enduro trail.
Mountain biking, electrically assisted bikes and mountain bikes, fat bikes, BMX, take advantage of our three fun zones to warm up your calves or just for fun!
Take advantage of the unlimited ski lifts with the Aussois Pass.

→ The mountain bike routes

Enjoy the great outdoors

Long before the creation of the Vanoise National Park in 1963, people were already coming to walk in Aussois and climb the Dent Parrachée (3,697m).
Family houses, hotels and holiday centres and camps offered families and children the opportunity to enjoy the pure mountain air and to discover ibex, chamois, marmots and other edelweiss.
With a village situated on a plateau at an altitude of 1500m, one does not feel “suffocated” by the mountains. On the contrary, the horizon is wide, the panoramas majestic, here, you can breathe, you feel free, you enjoy these large protected spaces that provide well-being and serenity.

→ Le Fond d’Aussois

Your cultural and heritage discoveries

The baroque church of Notre-Dame de l’Assomption and its rood beam, the chapels and oratories, the wash houses and fountains, the bread oven and of course the imposing forts of l’Esseillon (19th century) which bear the names of the royal family of Piedmont-Sardinia. A visit to the museum “L’Arche d’Oé” is a must to discover a little more and to meet the elders, those who will tell you all about the agricultural life, how it was before!
Aussois is a sunny, lively village, with traditions that have been anchored for centuries. It is said that the “Aussoyens or Oérins” (inhabitants) are warm and welcoming people who love to share. Experience the traditional village festival on 15 August and you too will be convinced!

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Taste the local flavours

During your hikes in the mountain pastures above Aussois, towards the Vanoise National Park and the dams, you will meet herds of cows, goats and sheep. Indeed, agriculture is still very present in Aussois. July is the time of haying, the fodder is brought in to feed the animals during the winter. In August, you can enjoy the wild raspberries and blueberries that grow along the paths.
Enjoy cheese, honey and local beer during your holiday. Where there is pleasure in making, there is pleasure in tasting!

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