the association

The association in charge of the Marathon international de Bessans gather the city of Bessans, the sport club of Bessans and the “Maison du Tourism de Bessans”. The help of the Tourism Office of aute Maurienne can’t be forgotten.

Contacts :
Mairie de bessans: www.mairie-bessans.fr
Club des sports: clubsportsbessans@wanadoo.fr
Maison du Tourisme de Bessans
Office de Tourisme de Haute Maurienne Vanoise: bessans.haute-maurienne-vanoise.com

the organisation committee

President: JP Garinot
Vice-president: Gilbert Tracq
Secretary: Jean Hubert Vasina
Treasurer: Romain Tracq
Chief of competition: Gilbert Tracq
Chief of slope: Pascal Bison
Chief of food stations: Ravitaillement Gianni Sollustri
2nd Chief of food stations: Gilles Vincendet
Chief of Meal Team: Françoise Tracq
Chief of Race bib collection: Geneviève Bison, Monique Robert, Jean Luc Boyer, Robert Bison, Roger Fiandino, Thierry Bernard, Romain Tracq
Coordinator: Fabien Le Bourg (OT)
In charge of volunteers: Clémence Lombard (OT)